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Having lived all her life shuttling between three continents, Nigerian born, Maryland based Ifeoma C.Onyia, Designer/Creative Director has taken advantage of her experiences and love of fashion into launching her fashion business with a vengence hence the birth of Clyopatra Couture.

Ifeoma C.Onyia fresh out of college opened her first fashion line in London, UK. Creating one of a kind bridal gowns and later began the first Afrocentric Bridal Exhibition which later won her an award – Keeper of Heritage, by Susan Taylor of Essence Magazine. In recognition of her outstanding work and her love of her heritage, she received an invitation to the British House of Lords.Launching Clyopatra Couture is to push the envelope again, to take African fabrics and arts to a whole other level as a marriage of the three continents Ifeoma C.Onyia loves so much.: “I believe that fashion comes from the heart, either you have it or you dont’: and if you do, always try to make it better. After all, if we can assimilate into our adopted land, why can’t we infuse our heritage to our new one”.

Ifeoma C. Onyia with the Sheba Collection again pushes the envelop by showing the versatility of the
rich African prints.
Her belief is simply…..”fashion without borders”!!