Ifeoma C. Onyia

Having lived all her life shuttling between three continents, Nigerian born, Maryland based Ifeoma C.Onyia, Designer/Creative Director has taken advantage of her experiences and love of fashion into launching her fashion business with a vengence hence the birth of Clyopatra Couture.


Our Product

At Clyopatra Couture, you get to choose from a wide range of vibrant collection. We offer ready to wear clothes as well as custom made designs tailored to your needs. Our fabrics range from Denim to swimwear and from formal wear to eveningwear. We provide fashion clothes for both men and women with style and taste. Our accessories are designed for those Men and Women with fashion forward glam.  All are designed with our hallmark CC touch!

The Clyopatra Couture swimwear line aspired by the culture is “Fashion without borders.” Our fashion designs carry elegant style for every color, faith and creed. Clyopatra Couture believes and has established its brand around the concept that we are here to put smiles on the faces of true Fashionista.

Clyopatra Couture fabrics are a combination of Western and African enthused textures.  We have been able to transform African prints into Wool material and combined African prints with Faux Fur to create an amazing winter collection which came out in 2019.

Clyopatra Couture designed clothes combine charismatic and seasoned elements from various parts of Africa. The prints include textures from Mud-cloth from Ghana to Tie-Die from Sierra Leone, Aso-oke from Kente to George from Nigeria while being transformed into Lycra, Chiffon, Cotton Jersey, Polyester, silk mix etc. This beautiful merging of African colors and textures still contains the rawness of our heritage.

Production Capacity and Quality Control

Clyopatra Couture as a brand has established itself around the assurance of quality. We at Clyopatra Couture believe in quality assurance being the best form of customer care. Each of our design is inspired from truly amazing themes and raw culture. Every design comes to life from the creative imagination of the best designers there are. Each stitch and each pattern is an attestation to the innovation we bring. Each cut of fabric is calculated and serves to fulfill a vision of something pure. Each branded cloth of ours goes through stages of pure creation and is then tested to meet state of the art standards. Every dress which carries the Clyopatra Couture’s logo is the best there is. In the final stages of assessments only the perfect designs leave our studio.

We have a fully functioning studio and a large warehouse which can be accessed at a moment’s notice. We can produce bulk quantity of branded clothes non-stop for 24/7 for fulfilling our clients’ request. We encourage fashion boutiques and departmental chains to not hesitate while requesting bulk quantities for we have got you covered. There is no production limit for Clyopatra Couture and we don’t know any restriction of fabrics or color pallets. Be it any size, any color or any amount. We assure you that we can get it done and that too way ahead of the deadline.