Clyopatra Couture’s History

Clyopatra Couture is the merging of intercontinental ambiences. At Clyopatra Couture African fashion meets with European style. Clyopatra Couture delivers a visual infusion of elegance, sophistication, beauty and authenticity. Clyopatra Couture brings you the opportunity to combine season defiant African designs with familiar fabrics like Denim Jeans, Laces etc. Transforming the Kente, Isi-Agu, Aso-oke textures into Lycra, chiffon, cotton jersey, polyester, silk mix to name but a few.

The launching of Clyopatra Couture is to take African fabrics and designs to another level as a merger of the three continents’ culture. Ifeoma C. stated that “I believe that fashion comes from the heart, either you have it or you don’t; and if you do, you will always try to make it better. After all, if we can assimilate into our adopted land, why can’t we infuse our heritage to our new one?” This illustrates her love for fashion. With this in mind, Ifeoma C. launched Clyopatra Couture. And she also launched her own line of custom candles and each candle is named after her various collections reflecting the essence of that collection.